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Given up 🔫🔫🔫


"you look tired, are you???" 
"no, im just ugly"

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Beyoncé for OUT Magazine

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Have you ever loved someone?
Really loved someone? Seen them at their worst and best and thought “yes, you’re who I’ve been looking for”. Have you ever stayed up till morning, pacing your room and pulling out your hair. Because they aren’t okay. And nothing you say seems to make any difference.

Have you ever forgotten your sadness or emptiness, because they are your priority. Have you ever wished to runaway with them. To see the world and remind them why they are alive. Make them remember what happiness feels like.

Have you ever kissed someone when you know you shouldn’t have? But when they touched your skin it felt like fire. Have you ever felt that chest tightening, throat blocking, rib crushing fear that you will lose the one you love? Because I have.


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